Cleaning Air Vents

The air ducts are the things that filter your air from the conditioning unit to your rooms, and keeping them clean comes with its own set of benefits. For people who have allergies, asthma, and who want to breathe clean air this can come in handy. Professionally cleaning air ducts can be expensive and can take a lot of them, but there is a DIY option.

How to Start Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning, you’ll probably need to replace a filter, so be sure to have a replacement on hand. You’ll also need a vacuum, brush, and some paper towels. Turn on the fan and cover up any vents that supply air to the rooms, so the dust doesn’t resettle there. Then start tapping on the ducts to dislodge any dust coating the walls.

Once that is done, start using the vacuum’s hose to reach into the duct and vacuum up as much dust as you can. The fan in the filter should start pushing the dust out, ready for you to suck it up without any trouble. The brush will be used to knock any dirt loose and go through each filling one at a time. Then unscrew any wall vents and do the same thing to get rid of the dirt there.

Make it a Habit

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Then you can replace the filter and clean up any excess dust, giving yourself cleaner air for quite a while. As long as you make scheduled days to clean the filters and ducts, maybe once every few months or so, then you’ll have cleaner air without too much hassle on your time or your wallet. If you have had to hire an air duct cleaning Tampa company, then you know how important a clean air conditioning unit can be. With some scheduled maintenance, your home will be both cooler and cleaner!